C&C UNLIMITED, INC. specializes in  Commercial/Residential Asbestos, Lead, Mold Remediation & Selective Demolition.

The company has earned a reputation with its customers for top notch performance, 100% reliability and respect of all clients.

Are you looking for a quote for some work that needs to be done?  C&C Unlimited, Inc.is more than happy to make a visit to your Home or Business and create a quote for you. 

Please call 518-729-5641 or e-mail ccunlimitedinc@gmail.com so we can contact you and set up a date and time to meet.  We will do our best to try and accommodate the Day/Time you request, but we cannot make any guarantees.  

If there are multiple days/times that you can meet with us, 

 All Work will be  payable  to: (please make Checks,Money Orders  Payable to C&C Unlimited,Inc.).  

Credit Cards will be accepted (Add 2.5%). 

Unfortunately, due to the unstable market conditions we only able to guarantee the prices listed on the quote for 15 days.  This is because our suppliers only grant us quotes on materials for 15 days.  If you so desire, we can update the prices on the quote for no charge up until the 60th day, for no charge every 15 days.